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As a Creative Technologist, I enjoy the challenge of working with technology in the context of advertising. My job description has a lot of bullet points on it, but let’s just say I get shit done. Currently I live in Minneapolis and lead the Front-end, Acquia Drupal, and QA teams at Horizontal Integration.

I’d best describe myself as a platform agnostic, front-end specialist who isn't too shabby on the back end. I am an experienced problem solver, focused on strategy and user experience. I’m an expert with CSS and JavaScript, specializing in standards-based, accessible, client-side interactions. I’ve led teams and executed numerous digital assignments for a wide variety of brands, including Target, General Mills, Bauer, wet n wild, Kidrobot, United Health Group, the Belize Tourism Board, Pantone, New York Life, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

I enjoy biking, cats, and long walks on the beach.


Upgrade Available

Upgrade Available

March 27, 2018

After a year with Horizontal Integration, the powers that be have seen fit to promote me! I am now "Practice Lead, Acquia and Emerging Technologies." Kind of a mouthful. Looking forward to building a new line of business and a team to support it.

I got a new jobby job

I got a new jobby job

February 02, 2017

Here it is folks, after a long run (6 consecutive years, 10 cumulative) with Olson I've made the decision to move on. I'm on to a new role with Horizontal Integration, firmly solidifying my place in middle management. Looking forward to the challenge. Don't worry Internet, I'm still in you.

Shout out my homie ketchup

Shout out my homie ketchup

April 26, 2016

2016 Webby Award Winner in the Websites / Weird category for National Corndog Day.

Associate Tech Director, Olson 2014 - 2017

I provide technical expertise and creative collaboration across the lifecycle of interactive campaign execution. Responsible for requirements gathering, creative concepting, architectural planning, executional planning, and team leadership – in addition to developing prototypes and producing production code across a variety of technologies. Clients include Target, wet n wild, Pohlad Companies, and the Belize Tourism Board.

Belize Tourism Board, website

2014 - 2017

Responsible for ongoing maintenance duties of legacy Symfony/Sonata codebase. Led technical analysis proving cost benefit of upgrading site infrastructure to Drupal 8. Technical lead and on Drupal 8 replatform, also responsible for front end architecture and Drupal templating.

Technologies: PHP (Symfony 2.3 with Sonata, Drupal 8), HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, Greensock)

Drupal 8

Lilly Pulitzer for Target, retail website and mobile platforms

May 2014 - March 2015

Collaborated with internal creative team, Target creative teams, and Campaign creative team on the concept, planning, and execution of a 360 immersive mobile experience. Led teams in the on-time, simultaneous deployment of site content across Target's desktop and mobile systems.

FWA, April 2015: Mobile Site of the Day

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, Greensock), Integration with Target systems and APIs

Google Cardboard

Pureleaf Tea, tumblr, tumblr

February 2014 - July 2016

Led UX, Design, and Technical Execution of 3 version of Pureleaf’s Tumblr theme. Responsible for a Google maps based social image aggregator.

Technologies: HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), Javascript (jQuery, Greensock), tumblr (template and api), Instagram, Twitter, and Google Maps APIs

Pohlad Companies, website,

October 2014 - March 2015

Collaborated with client and project management teams to define requirements. Concepted with creative team on animation style and site look and feel. Responsible for creating a custom Wordpress driven marketing site.

Technologies: PHP (Wordpress), HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), Javascript (jQuery, Greensock)

Steal the Look, PhoneGap app

June 2014 - October 2014

Responsible for leading a small team of developers in the execution of the Phonegap application deployable to the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Created several layers of functional prototypes to prove out the color matching equations and canvas image compositing aspects of the application.

2015 AdFed MN: Silver - Mobile App

Technologies: Phone gap (Camera and Location integration), HTML (Canvas for live image compositing), CSS, Javascript (jQuery, Greensock)

Technical Manager, Olson 2010 - 2014

I architect and execute efficient, rich web applications. Specializing in building standards-based, client-side interactions with a focus on accessibility. I'm responsible for providing clear documentation for usage and integration of my code to clients and agency partners. I've worked on projects for a variety of Olson's clients, including numerous campaign executions for Target, Bauer, General Mills, Kidrobot, and United Health Group.

Target Designer Partnerships, retail website and mobile platforms

2010 - 2015

Collaborated with numerous internal Account, Project Management, Creative teams as well as client project teams and agency partners. Responsible for execution and delivery of highly interactive, efficiently built, accessible experiences for Target’s desktop and mobile platforms.

Highlights include: Lilly Pulitzer for Target (Spring, 2015), TOMS X Target (Fall, 2014), Target + Neiman Marcus (Holiday, 2012), and Missoni for Target (Fall, 2011)

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Integration with multiple Target systems and APIs, Wordpress, ANT and Node based build scripts for delivery automation

Target Holiday, retail website and mobile platforms

2011 - 2013

Responsible for gathering requirements and documenting project plans and deliverables for Target’s internal integration and QA teams. Managed the coordinated deployment of numerous online experiences with time sensitive campaign elements.

Projects include: Holiday Gift Finder (2013), Holiday Site Skin (2012, 2013), Weekly Mobile Site Homepage (2011-2012), and Branded Campaign Partnerships (2011-2013)

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Integration with multiple Target systems and APIs, Wordpress, ANT and Node based build scripts for delivery automation

Target Healthcare, retail website and Wordpress

2011 - 2014

Partnered with Target Healthcare teams in the creation of a provider facing website describing Target’s current Clinic and Pharmacy offerings and its commitment to healthcare. Concepted and executed a question based supplement finder using a mashup of custom editorial data and product tagging with Target’s product API.

Technologies: HTML, CSS (Bootstrap), Javascript (jQuery, Greensock), tumblr (template and api), Instagram, Twitter, and Google Maps APIs

Kid Robot, retail website and Wordpress blog

2011 - 2012

Prototyped a library of web components for Kid Robot’s retail website. Responsible for defining requirements and creating implementation and usage documentation for clients and partner agency. Created front end templates and application code for retail site and product taxonomy. Defined requirements and executed custom Wordpress theme.

Technologies: PHP (Wordpress) HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery)

Senior Developer, 2006 - 2010

Responsible for architecture and integration of data-driven Flash interactions with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, resulting in standards compliant, rich web experiences.

Chamila, retail website

Analog Interactive, 2009 - 2010

Responsible for site architecture, content design, and API design for front end Flash integration. Designed CSS theme system to enable branded deployments.

Technologies: PHP (CakePHP), HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash

Target Style Boutique, website

Olson, 2009

Created custom Wordpress theme for Target's Style team.

Technologies: PHP (Wordpress), HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash

Con Agra, various brand websites

Olson, 2007 - 2008

Front end templates and animation for Orville Redenbacher and Hunt's Tomato brand websites.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash

Lee Jeans, website

Olson, 2008

Created CSS and Javascript components, site templates, and documentation. Collaborated with remote teams to develop JSON product feed. Created interactive fit finder for jeans sizing.

2010 Effie: Bronze - North America, Fashion

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript (Dojo), Flash

Nike Bauer, retail website

Olson, 2007 - 2008

Created multi-lingual templates for checkout flow. Animated components for site integration. Developed performant, data-driven Flash banners. Built multilingual, interactive gear selector.

Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash


Minneapolis Community & Technical College

AAS, Web Design, 2004 - 2007

University of Kansas

BFA, Painting, 1993 - 1997